Fleet Sustainment

Fleet Sustainment

Fleet Sustainment, Repair and Modernization Overview

Gain the synergistic benefits of our capabilities and facilities close to major U.S. Navy homeports.

Over 500 Epsilon Systems employees support the repair and modernization of submarines, surface ships and aircraft carriers. We have over 125,000 square feet of repair and modernization facilities in Portsmouth, VA, San Diego, Pearl Harbor, and Mayport, FL.

Fleet Sustainment Capabilities

“Completing this repair for MERCY took a high-degree of professionalism, know-how, and commitment. The efforts of two individuals warrant special recognition: Ted and Nicole’s round-the-clock support in providing status updates, communicating issues / concerns in a timely manner, and quickly knocking out contract change orders (CCO) kept the momentum of the repair going until all work was completed.

“On behalf of MSC SSU SD, I would like to extend a heartfelt BRAVO ZULU to the entire Epsilon Systems Team!”

From: Amador Estrada, Jr., Contracting Officer for MSC SSU SAN DIEGO

To: Epsilon Systems team on urgent mission to repair the hospital ship USNS Mercy

Shipyard and Field Services Spotlight

Landing Craft Air Cushion Maintenance Team

Our team takes great pride in delivering a quality product on time to our Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center customer. The Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) team is led by Project Manager Richard Scozzafava, who has over 15 years of LCAC experience, 13 of which were operating and maintaining the LCACs. This no-nonsense team repairs and rebuilds propeller center bodies and all the electrical equipment and components required for LCAC propulsion and maneuverability.

The LCAC is a class of air-cushion vehicle (hovercraft) used as landing craft by the U.S. Navy’s Assault Craft Units. They transport weapons systems, equipment, cargo, and personnel of the assault elements of the Marine Air/Ground Task Force from ship to shore and across the beach. LCAC also provides personnel transport, evacuation support, lane breaching, mine countermeasure operations, and Marine and Special Warfare equipment delivery. The four main engines are used for lift as well as main propulsion. The LCAC is capable of carrying up to 75 tons (in an overload condition), including one M-1 Abrams tank, at speeds over 40 knots!

“Epsilon’s adherence to contract requirements, specifications, and standards of performance remains above the industry average. … They maintain an excellent reputation on the waterfront in Norfolk, San Diego, Mayport and the Far East region. Over and over again, Epsilon is complimented on their work by Fleet personnel in all areas of performance.”

From: NSWC PD Program Manager