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Epsilon Systems provides life-cycle engineering, professional and technical support services, environmental and cultural resources management and EHSdesk Environmental, Health and Safety compliance software solutions. For custom learning solutions, the Epsilon XR division specializes in providing training, eLearning, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality learning, virtual simulations, curriculum development and instructor-led training. Our diverse group of customers includes defense, federal, corporate and industry partners.

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Enterprise Solutions

Epsilon XR Representative Contract

Test project for NATO, assessing soldiers in learning how to capture and retrieve enemy drones.

This project focused on soldiers who were not using the skills on a regular basis and needed to re-learn their tasks periodically. As a complicating factor, the majority of trainees had a variety of primary languages.

We created a test employing a 15-minute virtual reality 360-degree immersive video, enabled with sets of Quest VR goggles and controllers. The VR360 technology allows for pause and replay, and permits the participant to effectively both watch and do. The virtual doing provides enhanced learning, giving the learner responsibility for their own experience to meet the learning objectives.

Improved retention and performance were observed for all participants using VR360. Because the VR360 video platform effectively provided advance practice, the group using it made fewer mistakes, asked fewer questions, and had more confidence in their new skills and knowledge. The ability to view the video individually and learn at the pace needed by the learner was valuable, especially in this case, because most spoke English as a second language.