Epsilon C5I is a leading provider of software engineering, system engineering support, operational support and training services.

We provide C5I systems engineering and test and evaluation services over the complete life-cycle. We integrate extensive data sets to provide actionable intelligence for rapid, accurate decision making. Capabilities include network operations and infrastructure solutions, weapons simulator operations, and satellite operations center support.


Software Engineering

Epsilon C5I’s approach to software engineering employs the latest techniques, practices, and tools in the industry. We are highly focused on exceeding our customers’ needs by architecting and delivering optimal solutions.

We effectively manage all steps in the project life-cycle, including systems analysis, requirements identification, software development, testing, deployment, maintenance, and training. We can adapt to either planned or agile project management practices to meet our clients’ needs.

Our expertise includes:

  • Algorithm Development
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Communication Systems
  • Simulation Systems
  • Data Mining and Information Fusion
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Web-based Services
  • Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs)
  • Mobile Device Application Development

Systems Engineering

Epsilon C5I’s systems engineers design and manage complex engineering projects. We are highly focused on exceeding our customers’ needs by seamlessly managing logistics, team coordination, and work-flow process.

We effectively manage all steps in the project lifecycle, including systems analysis, requirements identification, testing, deployment, maintenance, training, certification and accreditation. We can adapt to either planned or agile project management practices to meet our clients’ needs.

Our systems engineers have supported virtually all U.S. Navy tactical cryptologic systems as well as a number of national, strategic cryptologic systems.

Capabilities include:

  • Requirements definition
  • CONOPS development
Systems Engineering

Network Operations

We support the design, installation, integration, and operation of networked systems. Physical network attributes include synchronous, asynchronous, Ethernet, FDDI, twisted pair, fiber optic technologies, broadband Telephone Company (TELCO) (56kb, T1, T3) ATM, and new technology communication environments.

Epsilon C5I applies formal test procedures, test reports, and other test support methodologies to ensure the system satisfies our customers' technical requirements. We perform database management support; network monitoring and statistical analysis support; RF (broadband/baseband) and fiber optic engineering design and installation support; PC/UNIX network support; network control, development, and maintenance; and test equipment operation support.

Operational Support and Training

Epsilon C5I’s subject matter experts are embedded in Navy staffs, systems centers, learning centers of excellence, and have deep knowledge of fleet cryptologic requirements and issues. They maintain tactical and strategic cryptologic systems, develop curricula, provide formal classroom instruction, conduct tailored shipboard training ashore and at-sea, develop computer-based training resources, and offer reachback and contingency support.

Communication Systems

Epsilon C5I Subject Matter Experts' capabilities include:

  • Antenna/EMI
  • Sub-EW
  • NAV/IC
  • Sub Weapons and Comms
  • Link Technician

Engineering and Design

  • Testing Support from the Laboratory to At-Sea
  • Intrusion Detection & Situational Awareness
  • Command & Control
  • Submarine Escape Trunk Simulation
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Naval Architecture
  • Militarization of Breadboard Equipment
Engineering and Design

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

Epsilon Systems provides Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) to NAVWAR and other Navy organizations. Specific areas to include:

  • Configuration management support.
  • Compile, verify, and update and maintain complete and accurate configuration data for each part, assembly, and/or component installed.
  • Assist in the development of:
    • System Configuration Control Proposals (SCCPs)
    • Justification Cost Form (JCFs), Installation Requirements Drawings (IRDs)
    • Temporary Alterations (TEMPALTs)
    • Field Change Bulletins (FCBs)/Engineering Change Orders (ECOs)
  • Upload and maintain documents on various government websites and Compact Disc (CD) libraries.
  • Instructional Systems Design and Development
  • Training Program Evaluation and Assessment
  • Training Program Management
  • Training Center Management and Administration
  • Multimedia Methodologies and Interactive Courseware Operation
Integrated Logistics Support

Test and Evaluation

Epsilon Systems’ methodology advocates excellence in the test and evaluation arena. Quality assurance experts apply SDLC and CMMI standards while utilizing high performance tools to verify and validate quality in processes, documentation, and implementation of IT solutions.

Contracts and experience:

  • Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Port Hueneme, CA
  • Naval Facilities Expeditionary Logistics Center (NFELC) Port Hueneme, CA
  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
  • PMS/APL/AEL/ULSS/Technical Manuals
  • Training/Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI)
  • In-Service Engineering Support (Air Dominance)
  • Combat Systems Ship Qualification Trials (CSSQT)
  • Engineering & Test Support (BMD Vertical Launch System)
  • Operational Test Director
  • Independent Validation and Verification Testing
  • Test Direction
  • Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP) development
  • T&E process development
  • Developmental Test and Evaluation
  • Test procedure development and execution
  • Test Report Generation
  • Shock, Vibration, EMI/EMC engineering
  • Shock, Vibration, EMI/EMC test plan/procedure development
  • Shock, Vibration, EMI/EMC test conduct / report generation
  • System Acceptance Testing, Developmental Test and Evaluation, and Operational Test and Evaluation test plan/procedure development
  • System Acceptance Testing, Developmental Test and Evaluation, and Operational Test and Evaluation test conduct/report generation
Test and Evaluation

Modeling and Simulation

Epsilon Systems’ personnel maintain simulator operability, simulation runs, data recording, disk back up, system failure troubleshooting and repair, corrective maintenance, training and operations manuals, configuration audits, and hardware/software upgrades.

Epsilon Systems also develops and implements configuration control documentation supporting systems operations, maintenance, training and performance monitoring. We install operating systems and provide configuration management for workstations and servers. We research technologies, make recommendations for equipment and software to improve efficiency of the network. This includes installing, testing and supporting the software environment with both COTS (commercial off the shelf) and GOTS (government off the shelf) products. Epsilon Systems also provides LEAN event support as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Epsilon Systems SME simulator staff identified significant improvements for the simulator run process.

Contracts and experience:

  • NUWC Division Newport, Code 8221
  • Epsilon Systems provides comprehensive engineering, technical and operational support services for the operations and maintenance of the Weapons Analysis Facility (WAF), which consists of weapon simulators, computer systems, and Automated Information Systems (AIS)
Modeling and Simulation