Industrial Electrical

Industrial and Shipboard Electrical Services Overview

Chick's Electric
Electric Motor & Pump Repair Shop
An Epsilon Systems facility
2101A Haffley Avenue
National City, CA 91950
Telephone: 619-232-2162
Fax: 619-474-2380

Epsilon Systems' Electric Motor & Pump Repair Shop is a full-service industrial motor repair facility. Formerly known as Chick's Electric, the electrical services shop became a subsidiary of Epsilon Systems. Integrity, quality, and excellence are the pillars on which Chick's Electric has been built since its founding in 1964.

Shipboard Electrical Services

We can service any electric motor from sub-fractional to multi-thousand horse power. We provide full spectrum electrical field services for generators and pump-motor combinations including removal, refurbishment and reinstallation.

Our industrial customers include electrical power generation plants, hospitals, municipalities, water districts, mechanical contractors, manufacturers, food producers and ship repair customers such as the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Navy.

Capabilities include:

  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Electric generator cleaning/servicing
  • Motor/generator rewinding
  • Electric generator service
  • Vibration analysis
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Infrared (IR)/Thermal imaging assessments

Electric Motor and Control Products

Epsilon Systems' Electric Motor & Pump Repair Shop carries a product line featuring new electric motors from small to large, variable frequency drives, motor controls and power transmission products.

We sell quality manufactured new motor and control products. We are committed to excellent service in shop repairs and new product sales. Our commitment to excellence is validated by our internal quality management system and backed by our warranty statement.


Adjustable Speed Drive Key Features

  • Micro drives to 10,000HP
  • DC drives to AC drives 230 low voltage and up to 4,160 medium voltage
  • Simple function to complex communication protocols
Adjustable Speed Drive
Adjustable Speed Drive

Electric Motors Key Features

  • Sub-fractional to multi-thousand horsepower motors
  • 115 volt single phase to 4,160 medium voltage three phase motors
  • HVAC to Severe Duty Industrial Process
Electric Motors
Electric Motors

Motor Controls Key Features

  • Simple manual control to complex automated control
  • Simple circuit breakers to custom motor control centers
  • 115 volt to 4,160 medium voltage motor controls
Motor Controls
Motor Controls

Power Transmission Key Features

  • Simple single groove sheaves to multi-groove adjustable sheaves
  • Simple direct couplers to Elastomeric Element Flex couplers
  • Timing pulleys to synchronous belt drive sprockets
Power Transmission
Power Transmission

Generators Key Features

  • Industrial portable single phase to 400KW towable three phase generators
  • Primary power skid mount power supply to stand-by industrial generators
  • Diesel driven to gaseous driven generators
  • 240 low voltage three phase to 7,200 medium voltage three phase