Per the SECNAV STAVE Report to Congress, Dec. 10, 2018: “All new training will include instructor led, modernized, interactive gaming courseware and 3D interactive troubleshooting and maintenance models with part-task trainers, which will be integrated with distributable networks, enabling students to train in different geographic regions with a stress on training at the waterfront.”

Elevate your training with VMTT!

Epsilon C5I is poised to transform technical training. Introducing Virtual Maintenance Task Training (VMTT) – a system utilizing virtualization and simulation to teach technicians how to maintain, troubleshoot and repair their equipment. Experience a new era of learning as instructors engage students with interactive 3D equipment replicas. From in-depth exploration to hands-on practice, VMTT empowers instructors, students and technicians to master procedures with unmatched depth and flexibility. Elevate your training today!


Surface Training Advanced Virtual Environment (STAVE) Compliant

Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) product. No proprietary software

STAVE-compliant Operating System (OS)/Operating Environment (OE)

Physics-based 3D game engine

Key Product Features

Explore Mode

  • Rotate, zoom, and study 3D parts from all angles, gaining unparalleled insights.
  • Disassemble and examine individual 3D components.
  • Enhance technical understanding and troubleshooting skills.

Observe Mode

  • Master step-by-step procedures with confidence.
  • Visualize tasks for improved performance and safety.
  • Seamlessly pause, replay and explore critical points to minimize errors.

Practice Mode

  • Repeat procedures through consistent practice.
  • Build proficiency, muscle memory and confidence for real-world scenarios.
  • Mistakes made here are valuable learning moments, fostering mastery in a risk-free setting.

Schoolhouse Implementation


Transform and elevate technical training:

  • Use dynamic 3D demos to engage students
  • Explain equipment intricacies step by step
  • Seamlessly switch between modes using interactive learning
  • Make complex concepts easily understandable
U.S. Navy photo by Lieutenant Samantha Drumb
U.S. Navy photo by Lieutenant Samantha Drumb


Experience the future of learning:

  • Gain an edge through immersive 3D equipment exploration
  • Elevate skills and confidence in a dynamic, interactive environment
  • Master procedures at your own pace with hands-on practice
  • Observe intricate processes, fostering deep comprehension

Waterfront Implementation


Elevate field technicians’ capabilities with exceptional mobility:

  • Portable solution puts expertise in the palm of your hand
  • Accessible on various devices, on the factory floor or remote in the field
  • Immersive equipment visualization and step-by-step procedure practice
  • Perform tasks with precision anywhere, anytime
U.S. Navy photo by Michael Bova
Parts Provisioning


Parts Provisioning

Transform parts provisioning with advanced capabilities:

  • Visualize equipment at a granular level for precise part identification
  • Integrate with external systems through APIs to streamline inventory management
  • Seamlessly cross-reference components with real-world inventory
  • Elevate accuracy, reduce downtime, and optimize resource allocation points

NAVSEA STAVE Accomplishments

SCSTC Launches Virtual Maintenance Trainer Pilot
SCSTC Launches Virtual Maintenance Trainer Pilot at the Waterfront

DAHLGREN, Va. – The Navy has authorized the delivery of the most advanced maintenance training systems to the waterfront. To achieve this, Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet...

Virtual trainers
Virtual trainers expand quality/reach of Navy anti-sub qualifications

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – The Navy took a giant step forward in its undersea warfare (USW) combat training capability in April, unveiling virtual combat training facilities in San Diego and Pearl Harbor...

Aegis Virtual Maintenance Trainer
The Navy’s Aegis Virtual Maintenance Trainer

DAHLGREN, Va. – The future of surface combat systems training is virtual and it has arrived here onboard Naval Support Facility Dahlgren, Va. Surface Combat Systems Training Command (SCSTC)...

Craft a VMTT to suit your needs. Build as much or as little as you require.


Epsilon C5I focuses on offering a collaborative partnership with our customers, emphasizing joint development of initial requirements. Our aim is to swiftly engage in the Build, Measure, Learn cycle, enabling the rapid deployment of a Minimum Viable Product. This approach ensures that we prioritize meeting the specific needs of our customers and users, avoiding unnecessary complexity and over-engineering. Large or small, we can build as much VMTT as our customers require.

Build. Measure. Learn.