Epsilon C5I, Inc. is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc.

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Program and Project Management

Epsilon C5I, Inc. has proven program and project management expertise. Multiple business units within Epsilon Systems and Epsilon C5I supports more than 30 operational programs and projects at any given time. Our project management approach involves cross-functional coordination between technical experts, Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) teams, test teams, and operational/acquisition liaisons throughout the life cycle.

Our management team is highly effective in developing and maintaining reliable, cost-effective, and performance-driven solutions within cross-functional team settings and could effectively manage comparable orders, projects, and programs for NASIC. Our proven management practices include:

  • Establishing clear lines of communications with our customer to ensure that goals and requirements are understood – this helps to improve the efficiency and quality of our innovative ideas and processes
  • Establishing a regular schedule of meetings between the parties
  • Encouraging continuous improvement by establishing clear performance standards and expectations through regular stakeholder feedback
  • Recognizing the relationship between budget, resources, funding, schedule, and scope of work – the quality of the estimates affects the cost risk, which includes the assumptions used for both estimates and resource allocation on the budgets for work items
  • Concentrating on risk identification and immediate mitigation based on the DoD Risk Management Guide