Epsilon C5I, Inc. is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc.

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Analysis and Production

Epsilon C5I, Inc. has developed numerous technological solutions and specialized tools to deliver exactly what our clients need.

Working with the U.S. Navy and National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), Epsilon C5I is the prime developer and integrator of the CGS Web/iSpy PoR, a user-oriented, operationally deployed, Government Off-The-Shelf (GOTS) toolset for GEOINT capabilities.

Our work directly supports the operational production base for a 10,000+ person monthly user community.

We provide Subject Matter Expert (SME) support to the Naval Information Forces Command (NAVIFOR, comparable to 16th Air Force) by analyzing, researching, and developing solutions to GEOINT ISR Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (TCPED)-based capability gaps with an overarching mission of effectively countering current and future threats.

Epsilon C5I developed an operational satellite communication (SATCOM) situational awareness tool called Enhanced Monitoring System (EMS), which has embedded MASINT capabilities to track Radio Frequency channels 24/7 for interference (unintentional/intentional) and/or unauthorized use. The EMS capability suite and associated analytical tools is in use by USSF today for mission assurance.

Epsilon C5I is the premier provider of operational production and ISR support for the Navy’s SIGINT programs of record. We provide systems life cycle, systems engineering, cybersecurity, and security engineering support. Epsilon C5I’s implementation of SIGINT technical sustainment and operational support is highly regarded by senior Navy and DoD authorities, encompassing a customer base that includes U.S. Fleet Forces Command (comparable to Air Combat Command), Numbered Fleet Commands (akin to the Numbered Air Forces), and acquisition Program Executive Office (PEO) Program Manager for Warfare (PMW–120).

The Epsilon C5I operational support teams conduct system and signal analysis, training, and provide input to the Fleet Signal Development Working Groups, Worldwide Operational Unmanned Aerial Systems Working Groups, Numbered Fleet, and Tactical Training Group/Carrier Strike Group Operational Planning Conferences. Additionally, our team SMEs provide engineering analysis on program upgrades to improve the decision quality information available for Maritime Operations Centers and Carrier Strike Group/Expeditionary Strike Groups.

Team Epsilon C5I provides OSINT analysis, assessments, and reporting in support of U.S. Army and Pacific Theater requirements. We leverage OSINT SME’s and associated tools to provide real-time situational awareness and intelligence solutions amidst large volumes of multi-lingual data.

Team Epsilon C5I has in-depth experience and subject matter expertise in Material Science and Engineering across multiple discipline areas that span additive manufacturing, optical materials, integrated computational science and engineering, materials for energy conversion and heat control, materials synthesis, processing and fabrication. Additional areas include phononic quantum computing and organic semiconductors for flexible electronics.

Epsilon C5I’s work was also instrumental in the development of JICD 4.2 interfaces supporting new COMINT, ELINT, FIS, and GEOINT tools. Our efforts support technical upgrades to more than 10 PoRs, incorporating advanced sensing and modernized applications directly supporting TECHINT efforts to characterize foreign military forces.

Team Epsilon C5I supports U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM) HUMINT activities through the synchronization, coordination, and deconfliction of operations across INSCOM units and equities. We provide analysis support to mission operations, leverage databases and analytical tool sets, and identify problems to assist collection priorities and data assessments activities.