Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc. Overview

Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc., a 100% employee-owned company, is a diversified professional and technical services provider with capabilities across the entire engineering spectrum. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in San Diego, CA, Epsilon Systems provides diversified engineering, manufacturing, and technical services with an emphasis on the Department of the Navy and major defense department prime contractors (e.g. Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Huntington-Ingalls Inc). Our primary businesses include the Mission Readiness Group (MRG) focused on Navy Fleet Sustainment and the Technical and Technology Products and Services Sector focused on C5I systems and services, advanced products development and engineering services that support mission success of critical systems.

With a presence in Fleet concentration areas including Norfolk, VA, Jacksonville, FL, San Diego, CA and Pearl Harbor, HI, our MRG teams provides ship modernization and repair facilities for the installation, troubleshooting, test, and repair of HM&E systems, aircraft carrier launch and recovery systems, submarine systems, SUBSAFE systems, submarine Universal Modular Masts (UMM) and large shipboard and industrial electrical systems. Our customers include surface ship, submarine and aircraft carrier Type Commanders (TYCOMs), Regional Maintenance Centers (RMCs), Navy Warfare Centers (e.g. NSWCs, NAWCWD, NAWCAD), and Naval and private shipyards.

Epsilon Systems possesses strong engineering talent, proven program and project managers, and government approved and ISO 9001:2015 compliant quality management systems. Additionally, Epsilon Systems is a NAVSEA Agreement for Boat Repair (ABR) holder and a NAVSEA certified Alteration Installation Team (AIT) provider. We have also received qualification to perform Submarine Safety (SUBSAFE) systems as stated in NAVSEANOTE5000, on all classes of submarines.

Repair/Maintenance of Maritime Surface Vessels

Waterfront Design/Engineering and Shipboard Integration Capabilities Overview in support of ship maintenance and modernization

Epsilon Systems regularly performs inspections, examinations, analysis and repairs for a wide variety of HM&E systems onboard aircraft carriers and surface ships. Systems and shipboard equipment we inspect, analyze, reverse engineer, maintain, troubleshoot and repair include main propulsion turbines (steam or gas turbine), steam turbine or gas turbine generators, main reduction gears, controllable pitch propellers, LP/HP air compressors, centrifugal pumps, electrical switchboards, and electrical load centers.

Epsilon Systems engineering technicians act as principal managers in support of Availability Work Package (AWP) development, tracking, and execution for major ship maintenance, repair and modernization. They perform roles and responsibilities as they pertain to the Baseline Availability Work Package/Availability Work Package (BAWP/AWP) process, a critical factor of surface ships to achieve their Expected Service Life (ESL).

Repair/Maintenance of Underwater Vessels

Epsilon Systems has provided a wide variety of submarine maintenance, repair and overhaul services in East and West Coast locations, including shipboard equipment onboard Los Angeles class (SSN 688), Virginia class (SSN 774) and Ohio class SSBN/SSGN submarines and Combat System installations, upgrades and alterations. Several of these projects were performed simultaneously demonstrating Epsilon Systems’ capability to perform complex HM&E related work on multiple submarines.

Representative examples of submarine AIT SHIPALTS that Epsilon Systems has performed include the following:

Epsilon Systems submarine workforce includes highly qualified personnel who have gained relevant experience from direct work with Huntington Ingalls-Newport News Shipbuilding, Oceaneering Marine Services Division (MSD), General Dynamics Electric Boat and the U.S. Submarine Force. Our Submarine Program Managers (PMs) all hold SUBSAFE credentials. Two of our PMs have been Submarine Safety Program Directors (SSPDs), and on average all our PMs have 25+ years of experience. They are committed to continuous improvement and routinely oversee quality of work, training, and documentation. Epsilon Systems is currently contracted to perform the overhaul and modernization for both a Virginia Class Submarine Universal Modular Mast (UMM) System and an Ohio Class UMM System.

The depth and breadth of Epsilon Systems personnel’s submarine and SUBSAFE experience includes:

Epsilon Systems personnel cover the gamut of submarine repair expertise including, HVAC, AC&R, electrical, welding, brazing, sheet metal fabrication, piping, tiling, inside and outside machinist operations, hydraulics, fiberglass, Gaylord systems, and antenna repairs. These personnel have completed essential training including Radiological Controls (RADCON) training and NAVSEA Standard Item 009-106 (Work Authorization Form), Shift Operations Management System Training, 009-109 (Special Requirements for Non-SUBSAFE work on SUBSAFE Certified Ships), and 009-110 (Special Requirements for Non-Nuclear work on Nuclear Ships training. S9002-AK-CCM-010/6010 NAVSEA Technical Publication Industrial Ship Safety Manual for Submarines, NAVSEA Standard Item 009-027 Material Identification and Control (MIC) for Level I Systems.

Repair/Maintenance of Maritime Vessel Support Equipment

Epsilon Systems provides services to accomplish repairs and modifications to equipment for all types of ships including aircraft carriers, surface ships, watercrafts, cutters and submarines, and land-based test sites in locations both in CONUS and OCONUS. Epsilon Systems provides or has provided the following specific support:

Epsilon Systems engineers and engineering technicians have provided rapid response to emergent technical requirements in CONUS/OCONUS locations. Representative examples of Fleet Technical Assistance include: