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Facility Operations

  • Contractor Assurance/DOE Oversight
  • Conduct of Operations and Operational Awareness
  • Programmatic Documentation Development
  • Operations Program Startup Configuration Management Safety and Health Programs
  • Performance Improvement

Maintenance Management and Implementation

  • Conduct of Maintenance
  • Maintenance Program Optimization
  • Work Planning and Control

Regulatory Counseling and Assistance

Epsilon Systems has a unique capability in regulatory counseling and assistance—this area being led by the former counsel to the Department of Energy’s Office of Enforcement.

We bring an array of expertise in the area of regulatory law as well as to the increasing array of regulations.

Our capabilities are further supported by other regulatory and Price–Anderson Amendments Act subject matter experts from both federal, i.e., Department of Energy (DOE), and contractor organizations supporting the DOE operations.

Safety (Authorization) Basis

  • Preparation, Review, and Approval of Safety Basis Documents
  • Development of Company- and Facility-Specific Safety Basis Plans and Procedures
  • Evaluation of Safety Basis
  • Safety Basis Training
  • Unreviewed Safety Questions


Harry Steinke
Director, Nuclear Operations Solutions
T: 702-510-5104


Training, Management, Implementation, and Assessment

  • Training Program Management
  • Instructional Design and Development
  • Training Course Delivery
  • Training Program Evaluation & Assessment


Steve Arner
Principal Engineer, Manager Nevada Operations
T: 702-685-6548